Last Updated 03/29/20
Dear Church Family,

Per the Elders, we will be following the latest CDC guidelines as they relate to gathering. Because of this, we encourage everyone to participate in the worship service through Facebook Live or via our Church website at our regular meeting time, 10:00.

The links for both options are here:

Facebook Live, Click Here.

Church website, Click Here.

During our online experience, Larry will present a lesson, we will have opportunity to sing and pray, partake in communion and have the opportunity to give.  

It is acceptable for you to provide your own fruit of the vine and unleavened bread for communion.  However, we will make available the single-use, pre-filled communion cups on designated days. (We will send notices via email and posts on our Facebook pages/groups to let you know which days) They will be made available via drive through in the church parking lot, so you'll just pull up to the annex building and they will be delivered to your vehicle.  *Please be assured that extra care will be taken to avoid contamination!

You may leave your offering at that time or you may use our online giving option:
Click here for online giving

While we recognize the obvious value of gathering together for worship, we must also do our part in helping to prevent the continued spread of this virus. We are not cowering in fear, but rather standing up for each other and for our community by utilizing the technology that God made possible to continue the work that he has given us.  

If you know of anyone who does not have access to email or who may not receive this message, please help us contact them to let them know that there will be no in-person worship service.

And finally, if you have any questions, please reply to this email or call any of our Elders or Ministers for answers.

We pray that you will join us online each Sunday at 10:00am (give or take a few minutes, as usual).

Thank you and God Bless You!

Airport Freeway Church of Christ