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How can you look past your problems when they are staring you right in the face? They can be so menacing. In the sixth chapter of 2Kings, Elisha, the prophet of God, is being hunted down by his enemies. A young man traveling with him walks out of the tent one day and sees the enemy on horses surrounding their camp. The young man panicked and ran back into the tent in fear exclaiming, “Elisha, my lord, the enemy is upon us!”

What happened next is what I think God often times is trying to teach us today. He’s trying to teach us how to handle our problems, our enemies on horses who surround our camps. Elisha on hearing the message of his enemies didn’t even leave the tent to view the problem. With his faith intact, there was no need. With God on his side, he didn’t need to see the strength of their enemies, he knew he had the power of God. He simply asked God to open the eyes of the young man so that he could see past their problem and understand what was truly in store. 

Now, sometimes it’s not good to look at the problem. An improper perspective can cause you perceive no solution and cause you to panic even more. Take note of Elisha’s actions and try focus yourself and those around you on the solution of God. He has already called us “victors” over our problems. Let’s look to the mountains from where our help comes. (Psalms 121:1-8)

Let’s also remember that we, as humans, are limited by time, space and matter; but God is the creator of it all and He has no such limits. When we look out and see no answer to our problems, let’s remember that God’s ability to manage our problems is not limited what we can “see.” And, He answers them with love and power for our sake.

So the next time you’re facing some approaching pain or problem, try focusing on the help that comes from above, not the problems that are here below.

  1. Remember that God knows and cares about you and your problem(s). (1 Peter 5: 7)
  2. God asked Abram in Genesis 18:14 “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (FYI, the answer is, “NO.”)
  3. We are more than conquers through Christ Jesus! (Romans 8: 37)