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Do you remember in movies when the wife was walking away from her husband to go on a trip? Before she left, she would turn and blow him a kiss. You could see it in her face that she was in love. Sometimes, he would reach out his hand and pretend to catch the kiss in mid-air letting her know that he received it. They were letting one another know how they felt about each other. What they were doing is an act of worship.

That is the same thing we do when we, as Christians, come together to worship. We are letting the church and the world know how we feel about God. To kiss the hand toward someone is one of the definitions of the word “worship.” It is adoration to the one whom you are blowing the kiss toward. You are demonstrating your love and appreciation in that one motion of a kiss. In the movies, when they blow the kiss the actions are exaggerated to show more appreciation.

When we exaggerate our actions in worship, we fully give ourselves over to Him. We set aside our life and issues for those moments of praise; thanking Him and blessing Him with our belief that He will cover us in His love and protection.  My former basketball coach would tell us to, “leave everything on the court.” He was telling me to give it my all so that, when it was over, I could walk away with my head held high. I believe God is telling me to leave everything on the court when I worship. He tells me to worship Him in spirit and in truth. He tells me to love Him with All of my Heart, Strength, Soul and Mind.

Don’t hold anything back when it comes to worship. Give Him everything and you will see a change in your worship experience. Instead of being a believer who comes to church to worship, you’ll become a church who worships wherever you may be.

So, “come, let us adore” the everlasting God and render praise unto Him. For He is God and He is worthy to be praised by you.