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I read in Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker that GOD is not offended by big prayers, but HE is offended by small ones. We have the one and only living GOD who is RULER of the universe. HE is also the MOST POWERFUL GIVER in the universe. Let’s pray like HE is the MOST POWERFUL and honor HIM with prayers that represent our expectation of HIS power.

I know for years I have been cutting HIM short in my life with my prayers. GOD is bigger than I can ask or imagine. I believe GOD is waiting for us to be bigger than we are, more faithful than we have been, and more prosperous than we can produce. HE wants to show us how big a GOD HE is and how much HE has for us, if we believe.
I will encourage all who follow the LORD not to put HIM in the tiny box of your minds. Allow HIM to work the wonders HE worked in the past showing HIS magnificent power above and beyond all things to our lives. Beef up your prayer life based on what HE says of HIMSELF not what you were told or can only accept. Reach higher than before to enable HIM to reach deeper than you are comfortable with. Train yourself to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.
Reach higher and see the blessings of GOD take you places you’ve never been and experience things you’ve never felt. Wake yourself up by holding on to the train of GOD’s robe and ride it. Let your prayer be the ticket that will put you on the wild and crazy ride of faith.

GOD has a trip for you.